Found them there a few times but it is a pain to keep the flight from ending up on the rock.


The other day I was hunting on Ivy at the house that is abandoned their had great quail flights.


Getting better used to the Dog etc… and he was chasing stuff all over the place in the evergreen bushes by the house.


I saw him chase a Cottontail down on foot around at the triangle to the north of the house.. he is very funny on what he wants to chase…sometimes….


He looked at me at one point and had this weird sort of mischievious look out of the corner of his eye… with one eye higher than the other… he streaks off the fist and up and over to the hay barn.


He flies all the way to the top of the hay and nails a Great Horned owl square in the chest… I can see feathers puff in the air and the owl screaming… he crabbed for a second and retreate to the rafters… I ran over there and swung the lure and he came down immediately… thank god!


I bet that scared the crap out of that owl. I can believe he chased it.. amazing he was okay.


The next day he caught his first wild quail as it put into some tall grass.


Hope everything is going great in Montana!


Typical Day:


Goshawk early am while 30 deg… HH till 10am


Chase quail in evening