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  • Nest site Data:
  • Instructions/Explanation
    1. Overview
      1. I used TRS data (Township Range Section) from historical nest sites to find the 1/4, and 1/16th sections
      2. and converted these to GPS coord,
      3. to aid in mapping and actually being in the right place in the woods while searching for Goshawk nests.
      4. Original Data:
    2. TRS-> GPS
      • I converted township and range using this website->
      • then I saved each corner coordinate into the excel doc, to split up the section (~600-800 acres) into quarters (150-200 acres) and 1/16ths (to get around 30-50 acres search area) assuming 1/16th section data is known...
    3. Excel
      • Each Corner Co-ord is inserted into Excel document with formulas
      • Then Each column will calculate 1/4 section (colored backgrounds) and 1/16th section (Corners Each Column, 1/16th section in rows)
      • Make master list with GPS coord's by pasting nearest known location (1/16th section) Coor-d's under the "Coords of section" data , to find each Corner and center
      • Note:
        • latitudes have positive values to make the math easier, type in a negative into the gps
        • Excel may make you paste data as values, right click "123" (pasting 1/16th section coords into excel).
    4. Google Earth
      • I put each coordinate into Google Earth for each site, Center and NW,NE, SW,SE corners
      • Save all points for a site under a folder with the site name,
        • organize by alpha and /or region
      • Then I can export to google maps or GPS
    5. Export to GPS
      • You can use this website to convert .kml or .kmz into .gpx (Which can then be downloaded into a GPS)
      • Hopefully this will help you to get to the right place at the right time. . .
  • Changes

I would love to be able to do this with Goshawks this next spring->

Click here for a better quality video (.wmv 600 Mb) and remember to make it full screen or choose HD quality on Youtube.

I put up some remote cameras last year and would love to continue this experience if your would like to help feel free to:


RT Hwk
Eyass Gos's