Falconry is the art and practice of taking wild quarry in it's natural state using a trained raptor. Falconry is not an easy thing to practice. It requires a substantial amount of time and energy from the person who wishes to become a falconer. That said... It is something that few people ever experience and is an awesome hobby to have.

Birds of Falconry

There are many different types of birds used in Falconry. The three main categories of raptors are Falcons, Hawks, and Eagles.

In the United States, Falconry is heavily regulated and requires the Falconer to go through a Sponsorship program. In the regulations three classes determine what types of birds and how many may be kept at any one time. The three classes are: Apprentice (2 years), General (5 years), and Master.

I will do my best to describe and show pictures for birds that I have seen flown and used in Falconry.

Redtailed Hawk (Buteo Jamicainsis)

Goshawk (Accipiter gentilus)

Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus)

The Sport
The term sport may not describe what many people consider falconry to be. The sport can be divided up into several areas or stages. Like many things that are highly specialized there are many words and terms that are used in the practice of falconry that are not seen in everyday language. Trapping, manning, training, entering, hunting, molting.

Pictures and Videos

Male Imprint Finnish Goshawk about 3 weeks old. Just getting him used to touching and being socialized. He is a little talkative early on, but he settled down to be a great hunting hawk as he matured.

Eyass Female Goshawk just starting to fly.

More video of her sunning and learning how to use her wings...

Eyass Goshawks, female takes her first bath.

3 year old euro female gos on blacktailed jacks in nebraska (2206 NAFA meet).

This is why you should always be careful of where you are flying, these hawks can quite literally kill themselves on fences. Luckily she was fine and got the bunbun ;)

Goshawk on Blacktailed Jackrabbit... one of first 10 kills so she is excited and less interested in eating than she gets in later kills.

Hunting with a male Peregrine falcon, had a stoop at a pheasant and this just shows him waiting on over us while the dog is working trying to find the bird in the tall grass.

Trying to get the lure near the camera on the ground when the bird grabs it..

Still trying to get the lure near the camera on the ground when the bird grabs it..

Still trying to get the lure near the camera on the ground when the bird grabs it.. too far away!!!

Goshawk call


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